Sunday, September 23, 2012

Historical Novel Review Issue 61 (August 2012)


The HNR is the best and most complete guide to contemporary historical fiction. In 2012 Solander merged with the HNR to form one quarterly 64 page magazine. It is available exclusively to members of the society.

HNS hopes to be able to offer back issues of HNR in packs available for purchase by libraries and collectors. This service is not yet available, but if you would like to register your interest, please contact HNS

Th August 2012 issue of HNR contains:
§  Cover Story, The Olympics: An Elusive Event in Historical Fiction  |  by Ken Kreckel

§  Historical Fiction Market News, a column with the latest book deals and publications in historical fiction  |  by Sarah Johnson

§  New Voices, a column focusing on debut novelists Moonyeen Blakey, James Hawking, Regina O’Melveny & Jean Zimmerman  |  by Myfanwy Cook

§  History & FilmStrange in Fact, but True in Law: Garrow’s Law  |  by Bethany Latham

§  Interviews with novelists Iris Anthony (by Elizabeth Cole), Nick Brown & Anthony Riches (by Edward James), Clare Clark (by Karen Howlett), and Jean Fullerton (by Myfanwy Cook), as well as Louise Richardson on judging the Walter Scott Prize (by Lucinda Byatt)

§  Feature on horses and riding in HF (by Duncan Noble)

§  Reviews of almost 300 of the latest and greatest books in historical fiction and nonfiction, including Editors’ Choice titles

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